Cas9-Expressing Cell Lines

CRISPR is the most versatile technology for genome editing. As such, abm offers a wide variety of Cas9 expressing stable cell lines, including Cas9 expressing HepG2, THP-1, HL-60, and Jurkat cell lines. These cell lines only require the introduction of sgRNA from either (1) our human, mouse or rat Genome-Wide sgRNA Libraries, (2) from a custom sgRNA vector or virus, or (3) or through transfection of in vitro transcribed sgRNA. CRISPR Knock in also requires the introduction of a repair template.

Features of abm’s Cas9 Expressing Cell Lines:

  • Available in popular cell line research models
  • Cas9 expression pre-validated by qPCR and/or Western blot
  • Simplified workflow: only sgRNA is needed

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Product Information

  • Western blot result displaying Cas9 protein expression
    Western blot showing Cas9 expression from an RL95-2 Cell Line (T3265).
  • CRISPR Cas9 expressing stable cell lines simple workflow
    CRISPR Cas9 Workflow
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  • Stable Cell Line Generation
    Can't find your cell line of choice?
    abm provides a high quality and a cost-effective service for creating a cell line expressing your gene of interest with a fast turnaround time.