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Cas9 Expression Vectors and Viruses

abm offers an extensive collection of Cas9 vectors and viruses, from spCas9 and saCas9 nucleases to null mutants and nickases, in a variety of viral delivery systems. Pair abm's Cas9 products with a compatible sgRNA expression vector/virus from our ready-to-use Genome-wide Gene Knockout Collection or Genome-wide Gene Activation Collection


abm's Cas9 Vector & Virus Expression Collection:

Cas9 Variant Vector System Available Formats
spCas9 Lentiviral Vector & Virus
spCas9  Adenoviral Virus
spCas9 Non-Viral Vector
Cas9 Nickase Lentiviral Vector & Virus
Cas9 Nickase Adenoviral Virus
dCas9 (double mutant) Lentiviral Vector & Virus
dCas9-SAM Lentiviral Vector & Virus
dCas9-KRAB Lentiviral Vector & Virus
dCas9-TET1CD Lentiviral Vector & Virus
dCas9-DNMT3A Lentiviral Vector & Virus
saCas9 AAV Vector & Virus/Serotype



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