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abm is a world leader in recombinant viral technology, providing the most comprehensive collection of AAV-, lenti-, adeno- and retro-viral vectors and viruses in ready-to-use formats, as well as vectors for mammalian or bacterial protein expression and ORF vectors. This is in addition to the custom cloning and virus packaging services we offer, where we can package any custom made recombinant viral vector at any titer of your choice.

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Technical Assets
  • AAV – An Introduction
    AAV – An Introduction
    AAV Knowledge Base
  • Production and Modification of AAV
    Production and Modification of AAV
    AAV Knowledge Base
  • Choosing a Viral Vector
    Choosing a Viral Vector
    Vector Selection Tool
  • Viral Expression Systems Brochure
    Viral Expression Systems Brochure
    Introductory Guide
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