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Whether it’s for research or diagnostic applications, abm’s 15+ years of experience in PCR, qPCR, RT-qPCR, and RT-PCR product development have culminated in our world-class, specially formulated collection of MasterMixes and Kits.

All of our products are of premium quality and in the form of MasterMixes to save you time and streamline your experimental set-up. In addition, earn 2X the rewards points (2 points for every $1 ordered) when you order PCR products - exchange your points for coffee cards, movie tickets, vacation packages, and more. Visit our rewards program page for more details.

MasterMixes and Kits

Viral Titer Kits

Mycoplasma Detection

qPCR and One-Step RT MasterMixes

Streamline your qPCR, and RT-PCR with abm’s MasterMixes. Our specially formulated MasterMixes contain our next generation enzymes as well as all the ingredients you need premixed into an optimized format, significantly simplifying your workflow. Enjoy reduced handling errors, high reproducibility and excellent yields.

Premixed and ready-to-use

Simple and streamlined for high-throughput use

Reduce handling errors

Outstanding Thermostability

BlasTaq™ Probe One-Step RT-qPCR has superb sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio. 20 µl One-Step RT-qPCR reactions (20 ng, 2 ng, 200 pg, 20 pg, or 2 pg of RNA per reaction) were carried out with abm’s BlasTaq™ Probe One-Step RT-qPCR (Cat. No. G596) for GAPDH amplification.

Dye-based qPCR
BlasTaq™ 2X qPCR MasterMix G891,G892
Ultra-Pure BlasTaq™ 2X qPCR MasterMix G884
Probe-based qPCR
BlasTaq™ Probe 2X qPCR MasterMix G890
One-Step RT
BlasTaq™ Probe One-Step RT-qPCR G596
MegaFi™ One-Step RT-PCR* G597
* Contains OneScript™ Hot Reverse Transcriptase (Cat. No. G593)

Viral Titer Kits

Get accurate titer results in only 1 hour with abm’s collection of viral titer kits for adeno-associated virus (AAV), lentivirus, and retrovirus. Simple, sensitive, and ready-to-use, abm’s viral titer kits contain our next generation PCR Polymerases or Reverse Transcriptases for the best enzyme performance on the market.

Results in only 1 hour

No non-specific (NTC) amplification

Ready-to-use, no purification step needed

Results in only 1 hour

abm’s qPCR Lentivirus Titer Kit provides results in only 1 hour. Total qRT-PCR reaction times of abm’s qPCR Lentivirus Titer Kit (Cat. No. LV900), Taqman® RNA-to-Ct™ 1-Step Kit, and time required for a typical 2-step reaction were compared.

Accurate Titers

abm’s qPCR AAV Titer Kit provides consistent, and accurate titer measurements. The titers of AAV3, 5, and 7 were measured using abm’s qPCR AAV Titer Kit (Cat. No. G931) containing primers for both CMV and ITR. The titer results for each serotype show there is no significant difference in real-time PCR amplification for CMV or ITR.

qPCR AAV Titer Kit G931
qPCR Lentivirus Titer Kit LV900
qPCR Retrovirus Titer Kit G949

Mycoplasma PCR Detection & Elimination Kit

Designed to perform with high specificity and sensitivity, abm’s Mycoplasma PCR Detection Kit minimizes false positives while ensuring coverage over 200 species/strains of Mycoplasma. The quick protocol makes routine screening simple and fast.

Get results in only 1 hr

Detects 200+ Mycoplasma species

Easy-to-use (no DNA isolation needed)

Sensitive Detection

abm's Mycoplasma PCR Detection Kit can detect samples containing as low as 10 genome copies of Mycoplasma. abm's Mycoplasma PCR Detection Kit (Cat. No. G238) was used to detect samples containing ~10 to 100,000 genome copies of Mycoplasma. Presence of Mycoplasma was confirmed as a 450 bp band.

Effective Elimination

Direct addition to cell culture
Eliminate 70+ Mycoplasma species
Results in 4-6 cell passages
Non-toxic to most mammalian cells
Tested on popular cell lines (e.g. HeLa)

Mycoplasma PCR Detection Kit G238
Mycoplasma PCR Detection & Elimination Combo Kit G238-G398
MycoAway™ Mycoplasma Elimination Cocktail (1000X) G398

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