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Cloning Vectors & Packaging Mixes

abm is a world leader in recombinant viral technology, providing a comprehensive collection of lentiviral, adenoviral and retroviral vectors, in addition to viral packaging mixes and purification kits. We offer a variety of viral cloning vectors containing multiple cloning site for your specific insert. These vectors also come with various different promoters, reporters and tags for all your experimental needs. 

Cloning not your expertise? We've got you covered with our Custom Cloning Service where we can clone your desired vector construct for you. 



  • Viral Expression Systems Brochure
    The Lentivirus
    Learning resources
  • piLenti-siRNA-GFP2 vector map
    The Adeno Associated Virus(AAV)
    Learning resources
  • Lenti-siRNA Expression Systems
    The Adenovirus
    Learning resources
  • Available Lentivirus Expression Systems
    Available Lentivirus Systems
  • Available Lentivirus Expression Systems
    Available Adenovirus Systems
  • Available Lentivirus Expression Systems
    Viral Vectors Brochure
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