The New Gold Standard in cDNA Synthesis

For the past 15+ years, abm has been innovating to set the next gold standard in reverse transcriptase performance. After 10+ years of intensive R&D, we have now officially launched our next generation Reverse Transcription enzyme.

With improved thermostability, sensitivity, robustness, and resistance to contaminants, abm’s OneScript® brand of reverse transcriptases set a new benchmark for cDNA synthesis. Our OneScript® Hot is the only Reverse Transcriptase in the world that preserves performance at 50-80˚C, making it useful for even the most challenging projects.

Engineered for both research or demanding diagnostic product applications, our premium enzymes will meet all your project needs in terms of quality and budget. Try our products today – you won’t regret adding this collection to your RT toolkit!

OneScript® Hot

OneScript® Plus

OneScript® Hot Reverse Transcriptase

Synthesize cDNA from complex RNA templates with abm’s OneScript® Hot Reverse Transcriptase. Engineered for outstanding thermostability, our OneScript® Hot Reverse Transcriptase is ideal for handling secondary structures (e.g. GC-rich templates) as well as long, degraded, or contaminated RNA samples, making it the superior choice for challenging RNA templates.

Extreme thermostability At 50-80°C

Transcribes degraded samples and resists inhibitors/contaminants

High cDNA yields from difficult or ultra-low RNA samples

Outstanding Thermostability

OneScript® Hot Reverse Transcriptase has exceptional thermostability. OneScript® Hot Reverse Transcriptase (Cat. No. G593) was used in a 10 min. reaction with RNA template at temperatures ranging from 50 and 80˚C. The resulting synthesized cDNA was followed by PCR and visualized on a 1% agarose gel.

OneScript® Hot Reverse Transcriptase G593
OneScript® Hot cDNA Synthesis Kit G594
MegaFi™ One-Step RT-PCR G597
All-in-One 5X RT MasterMix G592

OneScript® Plus Reverse Transcriptase

Routine cDNA synthesis can be completed in just 10-15 minutes with abm’s OneScript® Plus Reverse Transcriptase! OneScript® Plus Reverse Transcriptase has improved thermostability and is engineered for high cDNA yields, high efficiency on low-input, long, or difficult RNA templates, and resistance to inhibitors and contaminants.

High thermostability at 50-55°C

Synthesize 15 kb RNA Templates

10-15 minutes reaction time

Excellent Elongation Ability

OneScript® Plus Reverse Transcriptase can elongate RNA templates up to 15 kb in length. OneScript® Plus Reverse Transcriptase (Cat. No. G237) was used in a reaction with a range of human RNA fragments. The resulting synthesized cDNA was followed by PCR and visualized on a 1% agarose gel.

OneScript® Plus Reverse Transcriptase G237
OneScript® Plus cDNA Synthesis Kit G236

Unsure which reverse transcriptase is right for you?

Unsure which reverse transcriptase is right for your application? Contact us for assistance or use the simple RT Enzyme Selection Guide below to compare the characteristics of each reverse transcriptase.

CHARACTERISTIC OneScript® Hot OneScript® Plus
Thermostability 50-80°C 50-55°C
Optimal Temperature 60°C 50°C
Maximum cDNA Elongation 15 kb 15 kb
Minimum Sample Input 0.1 pg 0.1 pg
Reaction Time 10 min 15 min
Inhibitor/Contamination Resistance ••••• •••
Tolerance to Complex Templates ••••• •••

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